For the most up to date information on the State of Colorado Regulations of Zip Lines and Zip Tours - please call our office at (877) 206-8967 or the state department listed below:

Director State of Colorado Division of Public Safety
Division of Oil & Public Safety
1515 Arapahoe Street Tower 3 - Suite 660
Denver, CO 80202

TELEPHONE: (303) 318-8495
FAX: (303) 318-8488

STATUTE: Colorado revised statue of 1973 | 8-1-107 1G; 8-1-140; 8-1-141; 8- 1-101-2d

PERMITS AND LICENSES: Registration of rides are required by all owners of both fixed site andmobile rides. Registration is required for amusement parks or carnivals for the particular year. Issuance of a certificate of registration for $100

INSPECTION: Inspection performed by insurance company or  3rd Party NAARSO Certified Inspectors associated with a qualified insured and approved company.

An inspection in the  State of Colorado will look at:

  • Engineering Plans and Drawings
  • Operations Manual
  • Inspection Records and Logs - to be performed by Qualified 3rd Party Inspector
  • Staff Training Records and Certficates.

Additionally, any inspection of a zip line in the State of Colorado shall be done by a qualified person capable of climbing on and through your zip line as they inspect the entire structure(s), cable tension, terminations, deck supports, fasteners, staircases, etc. Having a state inspection is a duty to demponstrate to the state that you are in compliance with the law and that is it. You must hire a 3rd party inspector to perform a hands on inspection of your zip line in the state of Colorado.- Do both at the same time and save money. ESI is qaulified to perform both simultaniously in the State of Colorado.